Virtual Tours

Did you know that the cross on display at our church was made by a parishioner? Do you know the story as to why each of the saints displayed on our tapestries was chosen for St. Clare Parish? Would you like to see the facility in anticipation of an upcoming baptism or marriage? The resources below will help to answer these questions and more.

360 PanoTour

This interactive 360° tour allows you to click through St. Clare, exploring some of its features and architecture.

360° Virtual Tour

Video Tours by Fr. Olin

This series of videos features hidden meanings, historical information, and tours of St. Clare led by our very own Fr. Olin.

The Statues at St. Clare of Assisi Parish
The Tabernacle at St. Clare of Assisi Parish
Images Around St. Clare of Assisi Parish
Easter Candle
The Ambo
The Altar, Ambo, and The Chair
San Damiano Cross
The Tapestries
Baptismal Font & Ambry
Stained Glass Windows
Holy Water Font