Proclaim the Word! If you or someone you know may be interested and feel called to serve as a minister of the Word in our parish, please contact Sarah Hamor for information on how to get started! No prior experience is required – only the desire to proclaim God’s Word joyfully and the ability to speak clearly.

“The Lord God has given me a well-trained tongue, that I may know how to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them.” (Isaiah 50:4)


Sarah Hamor
+1.661.424.9488 (landline)


Daily Readings (USCCB)
Discussions of Readings
Guidelines for Lectors (LA Archdiocese)
The Lector at Mass (USCCB)
Liturgical Formation Days (LA Archdiocese)
Ministry of Lector – Douglas Leal
Notes from Douglas Leal Training (2014)
Opening The Word (Requires Formed.org Login)
Practices & Protocols for St. Clare Sunday Mass Lectors
Proclaiming the Word of God as a Lector (Archdiocese of NY)
Pronunciation Guide
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Palm Sunday Passion Script Year A
Please contact me if you need a lector badge or a lector medallion.
Remember to check your email – and if you change your email address, please let me know!


Ministry Scheduler Pro
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Reflection for the Ministry of Lectors

Yours is a share in the work of the Lord’s Spirit who opens our hearts to God’s holy word.
Yours is the task of telling our family story, the story of salvation.
Yours is to proclaim the true and saving word of God.
You are the messenger of God’s love for us.
Your task is to proclaim a word that challenges, confronts and captures our hearts.
You proclaim a word that heals and comforts and consoles.
Yours is the ministry of the table of God’s word, which feeds the hunger and the longing of our hearts for the truth.
Yours is to offer the story of the “great things the Lord has done for us”
that we might turn to the table of Eucharist with good cause to give thanks and praise.
Yours is nothing less than the ministry of the Lord’s voice calling out in the midst of God’s people.
~Austin Fleming, “Preparing for Liturgy, a Theology and Spirituality”~